It's Pollen Season and Your Car Is Suffering Too!

It's Pollen Season and Your Car Is Suffering Too!

It isn't just you suffering from all the pollen!

Your car is suffering, too!

During the spring, tons of pollen will accumulate on your car no matter where you park.

Leaving it on your car is not only a terrible idea, but waiting for nature to wash off the pollen will damage the paint over time.

And, with drive through car washes costing $10 - $25 for a regular wash, doing that once or twice a week can take a bite out of our budgets!

Follow these tips to clean pollen off your car and not only protect your car's finish from damage, but it will be easier to get pollen off throughout the season.

The Right Way to Get Pollen Off Your Car

Never try to dust off or wipe the pollen off your car with a cloth and definitely not your sleeve! You'll have that yellow stain with you all day and could even scratch your car

The best way, and the way to protect the paint, is use lots of water, car wash soap, towels, and soft sponges.

Don’t use any harsh detergents to clean pollen off your car, use Well Life's Clean Car Care Shampoo. Only use a microfiber cloth to dry, you'll get an extra large one in our kit.

Here are the proper steps to clean pollen off your car:

  • Using a medium spray, wet the car’s body, getting as much of the pollen off with the water stream as you can.
  • Wash your car. Do one section as a time. Some people swear by starting at the bottom and working your way up, others start at the top and proceed down. We prefer starting at the bottom only if you have several sponges so you don't pick up a ton of dirt in the sponge and carry that all over the finish. So, start at the top if you only have one sponge or mitt or a ton of time to rinse them out while you're washing the car. You can get everything you need in our Car Wash Kit (Rated Best Eco-Friendly Kit by Car and Driver!)
  • After washing the car thoroughly, you need to dry it. You can either use soft cotton towels, microfiber towels, or allow the car to dry naturally. Letting it air dry may cause pollen to accumulate again before the next step, so not in your best interest.
  • After drying the car, apply our Well Life Advanced Natural Carnauba Spray Wax. Spray it on, wipe it off.  You don’t need to be forceful with it. Wipe gently.

The layer of spray wax will help keep pollen from sticking in the future.

If you live in an area with lots of trees or pollen producing plants, wash your car at least twice in a week. With the spray wax you can probably alternate one wash for one or two rinses to get the pollen off.

Don't Forget - Clean the Interior!

It's inside the car also! Just look at your dash, you'll see it, that yellowy dust. Ugh!

Only use a product that you know will not leave a sticky residue or make the finish gummy, like our Well Life All Purpose Cleaner followed up with a conditioner like our Tire Shine and Conditioner.

Protecting the Car from Pollen

We hate pollen ourselves and it is just terrible for our vehicles. Treat your auto with care and it will take care of you for a long time. Oh, don't forget to check the air filters to make your breathing easier while you drive that nice, clean, shiny car.

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