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Well Life

Serious Tablet Based Ultimate Car Wash Kit

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Save the environment a bit more by not shipping water! Each area of your vehicle will be clean and sparkling with this tablet based system.
The best gift for your environmentalist car enthusiast!

Why We Like It: Tablet based cleansers use less fuel during shipping, bio-friendly cleansers, reusable and recyclable items included

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ITS LIKE GETTING 11 16 OUNCE BOTTLES OF CLEANERS: With each Well Life Ultimate Car Wash Kit with Tablets, you are reducing your carbon footprint by not shipping water! Add your own water and each tablet makes 16 ounces of the glass cleaner or the multi-purpose cleaner. One foaming car wash tablet is good for one gallon of mix to wash your car! This way, we all do our part in reducing the amount of weight shipped, therefore reducing the amount of fuel needed to ship your kit to you, so we save some carbon from going into the environment AND the solutions work great! Its a win-win-win all the way around!
THE BEST GIFT FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL CAR ENTHUSIAST: This is THE Ultimate Car Wash Kit for auto lovers. This makes a Great Gift for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly car detailing kit. Clean the interior and exterior of your car knowing you saved fossil fuel in doing so, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our fragile earth.
WHY WELL LIFE: It has taken us some time to put together this kit. We wanted to be sure that it had the right pieces for the right price. We love the collapsible bucket. It is sturdy with the extra heavy solid sections, has an ample handle that is easy on your hands. The silicone gloves keep your hands from looking like prunes. the sponge expands to an extra large 9 x4 x1 1/2 inches! Bigger sponge = less work! The XL Microfiber towel helps you clean the inside or dry the outside. It's great for streak free windows!
DON'T PAY FOR WATER: Shipping water is expensive and not very environmentally friendly. With each gallon of water we don't ship by sending you tablets to add your own, we are saving the environment a little bit at a time. Plus, we are not using that much more plastic either. Just dissolve the tables in water and you are ready to go!


HERE’S WHAT YOU GET: One 2.6 gallon collapsible bucket made of silicone and solid plastic with a sturdy handle and drain sieve. One extra large sponge that comes packed tightly to help save shipping space and inflates to a full 9 x 4 x 1 1/2. Inches, shaped to be easily held while covering a large swath of area. One pair of reusable gloves which easily stretch to fit any size hand. 5 Glass Cleaner Tablets to use in either a spray bottle or right in your windshield wiper fluid reservoir. 5 All Purpose Cleaner tablets, to dissolve in a spray bottle and use on the interior of your car, or anywhere else you may use this type of cleaner. 5 Heavy Duty Car Wash tablets. One extra large microfiber towel which is a whopping 30” x 15” in size. One cell phone holder/gadget holder which is indefinitely usable, stick it to your dashboard or console to hold your phone or any small item or gadget in place so you don’t have to keep searching for it. One small mesh bag to hold your microfiber towel or whatever you like. One heavy duty reusable drawstring canvas bag to fit it all in, even we were surprised at how durable it is!


Car Wash Tablet: place in bucket and fill with water to clean the outside of the vehicle, mats and other large areas.
Glass and Windshield Cleaner: Put a tablet into a spray bottle and add16 ounces of water to clean windows and mirrors. Use 2 tablets in 32 ounces of water, let dissolve and pour into wiper cleaner reservoir.
Al Purpose Tablet: Put a tablet in a spray bottle, add 16 ounces of water and use to clean the interior of any vehicle.