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Well Life

Flat Noses Easy Feed Slanted Anti-Slip Dog Feeding Bowl

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Why We Like This: Sustainable Silicone. Non Toxic.

  • FOR OUR FLAT NOSE FRIENDS: This 100% Food Grade Silicone bowl is slanted to help pets with flat faces get their food more easily. As they push their food up to eat it, its just easier to grab for them, whatever they don't get to will just slide back down to the bottom of the bowl and they can try it again.
  • FOR ALL PLAYFUL DOGS: If your dog likes to slide their bowl across the floor or tip it over and knock their food all around the floor, this spill proof bowl is the answer! We found out by accident that it really is for all pups, not just our flat nose friends! It just will not move! The silicone will stay wherever you put it. you can move it, but your puppy cannot!
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: This platinum grade silicone bowl is made to last and to put up with the rough and tough play and pawing it can get from your dogs. It is dishwasher safe and easily packable and portable for travel! It is a great feeding station!
  • SO MANY ANIMALS WILL BENEFIT: So many pets will benefit from this bowl. Cats, dogs puppies and kittens will benefit from this food bowl. Although it was created to help pugs, Frenchies (French Bulldogs), Bulldogs, Chows, Boston Terriers, Persian Cats, Dwarf Rabbits and other flat faced pets (brachycephalic pets), we have found (from our own Teddy, a Lakeland Terrier) that it benefits just about any pet due to its totally integrated non skid bottom mat.