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Well Life

Pet Calming Mist - Lavender

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Is your pet afraid of storms, fireworks, travel, or even just when you leave?

Well Life Pet Calming Mist will help you to help them.

Our one pup, Teddy, is so very afraid of storms. We lightly spray it on him, on his collar, on his bedding in his crate when travelling, and on the special spot on his ThunderJacket™ which is there specifically for a calming spray!

Even his sister, Sheba, likes to lay on wherever it is sprayed.

It works for us and we know it will work for you. 

Made in the USA! 4 ounce spray bottle


Pure lavender hydrosol to help calm your pet during stressful situations and to leave your precious one's bedding smelling nice and fresh.

From lavender fields in Oregon. Why is this important that we let you know where it comes from? When using hydrosols for your beloved pets, experts in the field such as Kristen Leigh Bell and Suzanne Caddy agree that pure hydrosols are one of the safest products to use with pets.


Pure Lavender Hydrosol


Before a stressful time for your pet, spray on their collar, the back of their head (being extra careful to avoid their precious eyes), their clothing, or their bed. It also leaves a nice, fresh scent.