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Good Night Charleston Organic Home Fragrance

Good Night Charleston Organic Home Fragrance

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Introducing our new home fragrance mist—inspired by our popular Good Night Charleston Pillow Mist at Hotel Bennett. Custom-formulated with organic lavender for relaxation, sage to ease muscles, and a hint of magnolia for calmness. A perfect blend capturing the essence of the Southern coastal city.

  • Refillable bottle
  • Sulfate and paraben free
  • Plant based ingredients

How to Use

Spritz for instant relaxation at home, inspired by our Hotel Bennett-exclusive Pillow Mist. Perfect for creating a calming atmosphere anytime.



Q: What's special about the Good Night Charleston Pillow Mist?
A: Originally for Hotel Bennett, it blends lavender, sage, and magnolia for a relaxing Southern scent.

Q: Why these scents?
A: Lavender for relaxation, sage for muscles, and magnolia for calmness, inspired by Charleston's aromas.

Q: Where can I find this mist now?
A: It's available for home use after its popularity at Hotel Bennett.

Q: Why is it associated with the top luxury hotel in the U.S.?
A: Custom formulated for Hotel Bennett, recognized by USA Today.

Q: How does the scent create a calming experience?
A: The blend warms the soul and relaxes the mind and body with Southern charm.

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About Ingredients

Our formulations feature clean ingredients, gentle on your body, your home, our planet, and your beloved pets.

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