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Well Life

Golf Days Grip Cleaner and Restorer

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Golf Days Grip Cleaner and Restorer - Remove Grime, Dirt and Sweat from Grips - Restore Tackiness Like They Just Came Out of The Pro Shop - Lavender - 4 Oz

  • Will clean grips help your game? We think so! Remove dirt, grime and sweat to restore you grips and see if your swing gets better!
  • From experts in plant-based cleaners! We know how to create the best product for the job.
  • Experience the best from your clubs when your grips are clean. Restore the tackiness you need for a good grip to improve your game.
  • With pure lavender essential oil to restore your zen as well and get you in the groove for a great game!
  • Safe and Effective Cleaning. You hold the clubs in your hands and we want nothing but the purest of ingredients making contact with your skin, that's why we list our ingredients, so you know how pure and simple they are.



Ingredients: Filtered water, plant derived surfactants emulsifying agent (polysorbate20) organic lavender essential oils, preservative (less than 0.05%)l


Simply spray on your clubs grips, let sit for a few seconds, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.