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Well Life

Glass & Mirror Tablet Based Cleaner Starter Set

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Why We Like It: Bottle is reusable and recyclable. Using tablets with your own water reduces the amount of fuel needed for shipping.

Why ship water?

Save the environment and your money by ordering and using our refillable Streak Proof Glass Cleaner Starter Set. 

You get the reusable and recyclable Well Life 16 ounce Spray Bottle, 5 tablets and our own reusable, sustainable, Well Life Silicone Storage Bag to hold you tablets!

Why pay to ship water? Save us all some funds while reducing our carbon footprints by adding your own water.

Shipping water costs money and uses more fuel than our empty, reusable and recyclable PET bottle with our high quality tablets.

Simply add water to our bottle and drop in a tablet that dissolves quickly to make a great and powerful glass cleaning solution.

Save money too! Our bottle with 5 tablets will cost what 2 bottles of your regular Glass Cleaner would normally cost. All these products alone would cost you more than $29.00!

Its a win-win for you and the environment!