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Well Life

Well Life XL Premium Non Slip Yoga Exercise Microfiber Towel - Silicone Dot Design - Mesh Carry Bag - Great Colors - Hot Yoga - Mat Topper - 72 x 25

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Beautiful and useful, super absorbent and super large, this will help you enjoy your yoga journey. 


BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL: Our very own Well Life Slip Resistant Yoga and Exercise Mat Towel with silicone drops keep you and your mat slip free and clean since this is easily washable. Bring it with you in its own reusable mesh carry bag.
SUPER ABSORBENT AND SUPER LARGE: Our Well Life Yoga Mat Towel will not only keep you from slipping, but will absorb any moisture, whether it be sweat from a good workout or Birkam, Hot Yoga, it will be soaked up by this thick microfiber towel. Make it your favorite gym towel.
ENJOY YOUR YOGA JOURNEY: Do what you love in a safe way and know that your practice surface is cleaner since you can wash it after every class or session. Buy two so you always have one to use if the other is in the wash. These towels can be used with or without your mats, at home, outside, at the gym or yoga class.


Well Life for the Best Life
We love life, our friends, our families, our pets and our environment. We make sure that each and every product we make and sell is exactly what it says it is and does what we say it does.
Our Well Life Yoga and Fitness Mat Towel is no different. We use it and love it. It will cover your extra wide yoga mat or exercise mat so you can work out and then easily wash it.
Be sure to wash it in cool water and dry at a low temperature or go back to really saving energy and line dry it!
These are true workout towels and are very versatile. We love them and we know you will too!


WFM MEANS WORKOUT FROM HOME: Quickly make any area a workout, exercise, yoga or meditation space with this versatile mat towel. Feel free to get a really good workout in since you won't be slipping or sliding anywhere. It is extra long at 72 inches and extra wide at a little less than 25 inches. Keep this near your fitness equipment for quick floor work. use it as a workout mat or on top of your mat. Your choice.