About Us

People, Pets, the Environment - The three most important reasons why I founded Well Life. The three tie together so importantly.

Being a serial entrepreneur, I am always looking at life with the attitude of "how can I make this better."

Helping people, making their lives better, whether by lending a hand or developing a product that creates better living, is just ingrained in me.

With two dogs, a gecko and three fish, I know how important it is to give them a good life. In return, they enhance ours.

Being lucky enough to live on the East End of Long Island, I recognize that everything we do so clearly effects the environment around us. 

Well Life was brought into this world with the mission of creating products that reduce the amount of chemicals we use for ourselves and our pets, thereby putting less strain on the environment around us. We promise to continually work on this and to find packaging that does the same.

Most importantly, water is the foundation for all life, it is important that we protect it. Everything we use eventually ends up in the ground, our estuaries and ground water.

In addition, we believe that "Community" is more than what is in our immediate neighborhood, it is national and global. We support those in need as we can, from food pantries (cleaning products are the least donated items, yet still very much needed) to animal shelters around the country.

If you know of a pantry or shelter in need of our products, please fill out our Contact Us form here and we will do what we can to help them!

Thank you!

Enjoy your day,