As Beautiful As This Is, This Makes Me Sad

As Beautiful As This Is, This Makes Me Sad

While walking down my driveway to the mailbox this morning I noticed this perfectly formed dome along the edge. I thought it was a root ball fallen off a landscaper's truck that had made it's way halfway down the drive.

On my walk back I inspected it more closely.

When I turned it over I found it to be a beautifully crafted nest, the babies had flown away safely and it had fallen from a tree with the wind.

Just beautiful.

Expect for the single strand of white plastic carefully woven into this exquisite handiwork.

I could have cried.

Birds should not be picking up plastic to use to make their nests. It is just simply unnatural.

Fish should not be ingesting microplastics. Whales, dolphins and other large fish should not be caught in poly rope fishing nets left or lost at sea. Squirrels, ducks and other animals shouldn't be stuck in plastic rings, deer heads in plastic buckets.

While it is inevitable that we all, even here at Well Life, just can't avoid using plastic, we all must simply try to reduce the amount of single use plastic and, at the very least, be certain to dispose of it properly.

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