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Aromatherapy By Time Of Day - Morning

A good essential oil blend can help reset your mood at any time of day or evening, with certain scents and blends better at different times of day when our moods change or we tend to feel tired or overwhelmed.

From waking in the morning to getting a restful sleep, see what each blend can do for you.

Good Morning!

Sometimes just dragging ourselves out of bed takes all of our muster! 

What if getting into the shower could help invigorate and awaken you? What if just thinking about getting into the shower makes you wake up and be happy?

A fabulous essential oil blend can help with just that!

How do you know which blend is right for you to be awakened? Well, it does take a bit of understanding what essential oils are in the blend and to find a high quality blend that imbues the right total scent.

Fragrances that awaken include bergamot, citrus like orange, lemon and grapefruit, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Some may feel that eucalyptus or peppermint is a little too much first thing in the morning, and others may think that's exactly what they need!



For those that want a gentle morning wake up, we suggest you try the Well Life Exhilarate Blend, a soft blend of bergamot and citrus.

Well Life Replenish Essential Oil Blend Bergamot Citrus Lavender Peppermint Lemongrass Wakeup Wake up Midday revitalize


If you need a big push how about Well Life Replenish with the extra boost of peppermint and a touch of lavender along with bergamot and some beautifully blended citrus notes?

Stay tuned for our next post which will be about Midday Boosts!

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